We are back! On this episode, Andrew and I talk about our initial experience with the Supersapiens CGM platform, the new satellite connectivity found in the iPhone 14, and the effects of cold exposure on our noses’ immune function.


  • 2:30 we are testing the Supersapiens CGM
  • 4:45 what is Supersapiens and what are continuous blood glucose monitors
  • 6:45 installing the CGM sensor
  • 9:30 the Supersapiens ecosystem
  • 16:30 the control system of blood glucose
  • 18:45 Actionable learnings in ‘flattening the curve’
    • Take a walk after a meal
    • Apple cider vinegar??
    • Food order
    • Caffeine
  • 23:00 use in training
  • 29:30 use outside of training
  • 30:45 the drawbacks
    • Keeping the sensor mounted
  • 35:00 iPhone 14 sat phone feature
  • 41:30 a study on how cold weather impairs immune function of the human nose