The Science

Unlike many products claiming to be better, the Cool Bottle has the proof .

Backed by the inspiration of millions of years of evolution [cite kangaroo study] and a peer reviewed scientific publication, the concept of cooling the forearms to reduce core body temperature has been proven by nature and science alike.  Taking advantage of the incredible amounts of energy stored in phase change (not evaporation — melting!) you can store the energy from your freezer in your bottle, then use it to cool you down EVEN MORE THAN (DRINKING?) ICE WATER during the race.

Plus, what’s not to like about having a nice icy surface to press your arms up against on a hot, sunny day when you’re pushing your body to the limit?

Sweating & getting too hot? Your options:


Slow down?

Use ice!

How it works

Nature has provided humans with an unmatched ability to cool ourselves to enable high levels of performance for a long period of time. The natural circulatory system cycles heat from the core of our bodies to the surface, leveraging highly vascularized areas with our natural blood flow to transfer excess metabolic heat to the environment.  When it’s hot or humid, our body can’t do this fast enough, and we start sweating.  When the sweat doesn’t evaporate fast enough and our bodies keep building up heat, we either slow down (bad) or overheat (very bad!).  The energy locked in melting ice – which is about 5x as much cooling as ice water can provide – is used to extract this excess heat from an area that your body naturally uses to remove heat! The cooled down blood flowing through your veins then returns to your core, where it absorbs more heat and continues the cycle.

In testing, heart rates up to 7 BPM lower, and core body temperatures of 0.5°C cooler were observed over a 45 minute high temperature time trial.  Think of how much training you would have to do to reduce your HR by 7 BPM at the same power output!!

The Speed

It’s no secret that one of the most aerodynamically efficient places to carry water on a triathlon bike, besides integrated frame bottles, is between the arms. In fact, it’s frequently seen that a BTA bottle solution is FASTER than having no bottle at all!  This is often even better than placing a bottle behind the saddle.

With a strong background in aerodynamic development, Endurance Innovation has sculpted the surface of the Cool Bottle to be as aerodynamically efficient as possible. The advanced injection moulding process takes advantage of the ability to tightly control surface thickness and tolerances in order to craft a shape that minimizes your aerodynamic impact. The wind will feel like it’s being short changed!